National Center for College Costs

Dave Murray

Dave Murray

For the past four years, the Hamilton Community Foundation has provided the services of  National Center for College Costs to our area high schools at no cost.

Led by President Dave Murray, the National Center for College Costs (NCCC) staff draws from a wide range of talents and expertise to help students and families plan and prepare for the often confusing and complicated processes of college admission, financial aid, and college transition. A goal of this work is to educate families across the socioeconomic spectrum that college is an option they can afford and to empower them in a way that helps them succeed in attaining some form of training after high school.

To assist families with determining the financial need of students and families is through the College Cost Estimator Program.  This program captures household information, both financial and demographic and upon completion, the National Center for College Costs provides a confidential personalized report to each family at no cost  based upon this analysis.  With the results of the individual reports, Mr. Murray is able to offer professional advice on how to make the numbers work for each family and take the fear out of the college cost issue.

For more information on the National Center for College Costs, see their website at: