Our Impact

Fred Williams of kW River Hydroelectric

The Hamilton Mill Innovation Fund 

Hamilton has a strong industrial and manufacturing past, and one of the newest funds at the Foundation, The Hamilton Mill Innovation Fund, is just part of an effort to revive that base. Mill Director Chris Lawson sees a link between The Mill and the Foundation.  Local heads of thriving industries helped contribute to the Foundation's initial success. Sixty years later, The Mill’s is working to strengthen local manufacturing, industry and community. 

The business incubator’s mission is all about supporting positive economic impact in the community by assisting entrepreneurs who are launching high growth start-up businesses. 

Hamilton’s “core attributes” are renewable energy, clean technology and advanced manufacturing, and our community already has long held, built-in expertise in manufacturing. Nurturing entrepreneurs and what Lawson calls the “next gen” industrialist is key.

The Mill’s success stories are building! kW River, a clean technology company, is now researching and testing a hydroelectric power turbine, which will produce power by harnessing energy created by the Great Miami River. Another Mill-launched company, Lagoon, was founded by a team of engineers and designers who recently created a water monitoring device they wish to pilot test with Hamilton citizens. 

Perceptive Devices is another Mill triumph. Its PER-CEPT-D headwear makes controlling a computer hands-free, through a network of sensors monitoring eye movement as well as head and facial gestures. There are wide ranging applications for the device, from government agencies to medicine and home use.   

This is a pivotal moment for Hamilton, when many in the City are interested, involved and supporting innovation. “The community foundation continues to be a huge partner for us,” added Lawson, noting that both organizations make investments in organizations providing a greater benefit to entire overall community.