Our Funds

Unrestricted Fund (most needed)

17Strong Neighborhoods

1913 Flood Regional Commemoration Fund

5K Water for People Race and Fun Walk Fund

Adeline Zoller Arts Endowment Fund

Adeline Zoller Memorial Fund

Adeline Zoller Memorial Scholarship Fund

Adrian F. and Anna L. Schultheiss Scholarship Fund

Agnes Burgess Fund

Aileen S. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund

Al Frankey Memorial Scholarship Fund

Albert J., Mary K., and Diane Tillmann Memorial Fund

Albert Stuhlmueller Memorial Fund

Alberta Pratt Memorial Scholarship Fund

Alex "Boo" Ellis Memorial Fund

Alexander Hamilton Sculpture Fund

Allan James and Dorothy Limerick Bailey Fund

Alma Unzicker Fund

Amanda Pearson Fund

Andrea Chizek Memorial Scholarship Fund

Andy Osborne Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

Animal Friends Humane Society Endowment Fund

Anna & Adrian Schultheiss Memorial Fund

Anne and Steve Murray Advised Fund

Anne B. and James R. Carr Memorial Schiolarship Fund

Armstead Family Fund

Arthur and Marie Hoerner Memorial Fund

Arthur Fields Tennis Fund

Arthur G. and Dorothy G. Haid Memorial Fund

Arts Endowment Fund

Artspace Capital Campaign

Athalene and Buddy Wallin Scholarship Fund

Austin and Lois Hall Gleason Scholarship Fund

Barbara Beeler Bronson Memorial

Barbara Dayton and William J. Copeland Fund

Bast-Connelly Memorial Scholarship Fund

Benjamin Peter Flick Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bergen Tree Fund

Bernice and Greg Holbrock Scholarship Fund

Betty Schrage Fund

Bever Fund

Bicentennial Maintenance Trust Fund

Bill and Mae Prentice Scholarship Fund

Bill Moore Patriotic Fund

Bob and Pam Long Fund

Boehm Foundation Fund

Boehm Foundation Scholarship Fund

Boehm Fund

Borden Music Education Fund

Boys and Girls Club of Hamilton Endowment Fund

Brandabur Dewhurst Fund

Brian Blount Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bridgeport Elementary Leader in Me Project

Briede Family Trust

Brown/Latta Education Fund

Business Attraction Board Fund

Butler Co Historical Society Capital Improvement Contingency Fund

Butler County Care Fund

Butler County Children's Home Fund

Butler County Historical Society Endowment Fund

Butler County Philanthropy Giving Circle Fund

Butler County Sheriff's Office Memorial Fund

Butler County Tourism Council Fund

Butler County United Way Endowment Fund

Butler County Veterans Memorial Maintenance Fund

C. Gladys and Walter E. Humbach Memorial Scholarship Fund

C. Randolph Lukens Memorial Fund

Calvin L. and Maryann H. Lingler Scholarship Fund

Camilla Frechtling Fund

Cammy Lowe Fund

Carl and Freda Jennewein Memorial Fund

Carl and Laura Halen Memorial Fund

Carl P. and Ellen A. Bartels Memorial Scholarship Fund

Carole J. Kuhn Musical Performance Fund

Carole's Canine Companions

Carrie Urmston Fund

Carruthers Family Fund

CHAPS Citizens Historic Association for Preservation Services

Charles and Elizabeth Heitsman Fund

Charles Dees, Delores Dees Kees and Bernice Dees Cullilnan Award

Charles T. and Margaret W. Koehler Fund

Children's Water Festival Fund

Christkindlmarkt Hamilton Fund

Christopher S. Courtney Memorial Children's Fund

Cindy Y. and Mark G. Rentschler Fund

City of Hamilton Police Youth Fund

Civelles Scholarship Fund

Clarence Huening Sculpture Fund

Clean Sweep of the Great Miami Fund

Clyde & Adela Beeler Fund

College Access Operating Fund

Colonial Foundation Nursing Scholarship Fund

Combined Fund

Community Development Fund

Community Meal Center

Cordelia and Dan Millikin Fund

Core Strategic Acquisition Fund

Craig F. and Susan A. Wilks Advised Fund

Crawford House Restoration Project Fund

Cynthia Stever LifeSpan Operational Fund

D.R.S. Smith Advised Fund

Daisy Stoll Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dan & Marilyn Antenen Fund

Dana H. and Martha M. Mehl Scholarship Fund

Daniel Accorinti Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Monnin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Darlene S. Hoskins Memorial Scholarship

Darrell Lee Robertson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Davene Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund

David Cochran Memorial Scholarship

David F. Thiel Memorial Scholarship Fund

David L. and Margery Beckett Belew Fund

David L. Stitsinger Memorial Scholarship Fund

David R. and Dorothy S. Eichel Education Fund

Debra Crouse Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dennis McGonagle Fund

Dick and Joan Beer Fund

Dingeldein Family Fund

Disc Golf at Millikin Woods

Dody and Tom Rentschler Fund

Don W. and Nannie V. Fitton Fund

Donald and Jeanette Schellenbach Fund

Donald and Kathryn Litzelfelner Scholarship

Donald and Millicent Schirmer Memorial Fund

Donald and Millicent Schirmer Scholarship Fund

Donald E. Baecker Fund

Donald H. Jordan, Sr. Scholarship Fund

Donald M. and Debbie Cisle Advised Fund

Donald S. and Jennie E. Martin Scholarship Fund

Donald W. Jr. and Claire J. Fitton Fund

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Kezur Family Fund

Dr. & Mrs. Edward Kezur Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lehmann Fund

Dr. Brady and Rhonda Randolph Nursing Scholarshiop Fund

Dr. Carole J. Kuhn Fund for the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Dr. Clyde G. Chamberlin Memorials

Dr. Edward Kezur Orchestral Scholarship Fund

Dr. Edward T. and Margaret A. Keating Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Francis I. Wilks Unrestricted Fund

Dr. George Manitsas Scholarship Fund

Dr. James A. Stewart Nursing Scholarship Fund

Dr. James I., Jr. and Emily MacGregor Scott Fund

Dr. James I., Jr. and Emily MacGregor Scott Fund

Dr. Karl J. Schmitter Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Malcolm Bronson & Dr. Dan Skinner Fund

Dr. Robert and Janis Lerer Advised Fund

Dr. Spencer and Sonia August Nursing Scholarship Fund

Dr. Vernon and Louise Roden Scholarship Fund

E. Hjalmar and Maurine Persson Fund

Earth Day Sub-Fund of Source Water Education

Edith Beckett Rentschler and Walter A. Rentschler Family Advised Fund

Edna Stieg Presbyterian Preschool Scholarship Fund

Educational Signage along the Great Miami Bike Path Fund

Edward and Alice Bauer Memorial Fund

Edward P. and Josephine D. Frechtling Fund

Edwin and Esther Feinthel Memorial Scholarship

Eleanor House Stace Memorial Children's Book Fund

Eleanor L. Skyllingstad Fund

Eleanor Millikin Memorial Fund

Elizabeth Betten Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Procter Carruthers and Ralph Rogan Carruthers, II Fund

Elizabeth Rentschler Melnick Fund in Rememberance of Walter A. and

Elizabeth V. Allen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth Wente Newkirk Memorial Fund

Emergency Money Fund Endowment Fund

Emily Beckett Reed Memorial Fund

Emily Beckett Reed Rossville Historic Association Fund

Emma Ritchie Fund

EmPower Hamilton Fund


Encore Youth Theatre Fund

Ernst Family Foundation Fund

Esther R. Benzing Fund

Eugene Hughes Fund

Eva and Kurt E. Lande Memorial Fund

Experience Fund

Fannie Gray Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ferdinand Schwenn/Margaret K. Turnbull Scholarship Fund

Fitton Center for Creative Arts Building

Fitton Family Fund for the Arts

Foundation Field at Booker T. Washington Community Center Fund

Francis and Mabel Wilks Memorial Scholarship Fund

Frank and Bonnie Esterquest Memorial Book Fund

Frank D. Witt Memorial Fund

Frank R. and Cleora E. King Fund

Franz & Elizabeth Klaber Memorial Scholarship

Fred and Liz Harding Fund

Fred and Susan Cochran Thum Fund

Freda Brower Memorial Fund

Frederick and Rosemary Reister Memorial Scholarship Fund

Frederick J. Winkler Memorial Fund

Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Fund

Friends of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead Fund

Friends of the Hamilton-Fairfield Lane Public Library

Friends of the Parks Fund

Galen and Ruth Maurer Music Scholarship Fund

Gary Martin Memorial Fund

General Operating Fund

George Adam Rentschler III Fund in Memory of Rita M. & George Adam Rentscheler II

George and Constance O. Flenner Fund

George and Rhonda Schmidt Advised Fund

George C. and Freida B. McCandless Memorial Fund

George C. and Freida B. McCandless Memorial Scholarshi Fund

George J. and Sudie M. Flick Fund

George R. and Vanessa E. Turnbull Memorial Fund

George R. Turnbull II and Carolyn Turnbull Jaeger Fund

Georgia Lukes Fund

Georgiana Thompson Scholarship Fund

Geraldine Willis Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gerry and Gerry Hammond Fund

Gladys & Dolphus Cornett Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gladys S. Sepin Scholarship Fund

Glenn and Pearl Willis Advised Fund

Grace A. Fitton - First United Methodist Church of Hamilton Fund

Great American Bike Rally Fund

Great Miami River Recreation Trail

Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre Memorial Scholarship Fund

Green and Robinson Family Fund

Greenwood Cemetery Capital Fund

Greenwood Cemetery Fund

Groth Family Fund

Groves Family Advised Fund

Guidugli Family Fund

Guild of Franciscan Sisters of the Poor Fund

Guy R. Pennington Memorial Scholarship Fund

Hal Shepherd Scholarship Fund

Hamilton Caster & Mfg Scholarship Fund

Hamilton City Entrance Maintenance Fund

Hamilton Civic Park Fund

Hamilton Dog Park Fund

Hamilton Exchange Club Fund

Hamilton First Responder Fund

Hamilton Flea

Hamilton Junior Women's League and Auxiliary Scholarship Fund

Hamilton Liberty Bell Restoration Fund

Hamilton Mill Fund

Hamilton Ohio City of Character Committee Fund

Hamilton Ohio Fund to Assist Disadvantaged Individuals

Hamilton Parks Conservancy Endowment Fund

Hamilton Parks Conservancy Fund

Hamilton Police Dept Project Fund

Hamilton Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 20 Scholarship Fund

Hamilton Schools Mobile Project Fund

Hamilton StartReady Preschool Fund

Hamilton Welcomes the Holidays Fund

Hamilton, Ohio City of Sculpture Fund

Hanover Life Squad Field of Interest Fund

Harry J. and Margaret Cleaver Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harry Lingal Memorial Scholarship Fund

Harry Ratliff Fund

Harry T. Wilks Fund

HCF Education Fund

HCF Unrestricted Grant Fund

Health Services Endowment Fund

Helen L. Limerick Memorial Scholarship Fund

Help Fund

Herbert A. and Corinne Webb Walsh Fund

Herbert Pabst Memorial Fund

Herbert T. and Olive S. Randall Memorial Fund

Herbert T. Randall Memorial Scholarshiop Fund

Heritage Hall Fund Endowment Fund

Herman E. and Doris J. Sanders Fund

Historic Hamilton Fund

Historic Hamilton Restoration Fund

Hogan Air Field Historic Marker

Hogan Field Scholarship Fund

Holiday Train Display Fund

Honi and Neil Cohen Family Fund

Howard and Eva Ottman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Howard and Gladys Pearson Fund

HPD Child Safety Seat Fund

HPD CORE Community Engagement Initiative

Hubner-Reiss Fund

Huntington V. Parrish Memorial Fund

Ira and Zenaid Millikin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Isabel Beardsley Memorial Fund

Isabel Beardsley Memorial Scholarship Fund

J. Don Burg Memorial Fund

J. Walter and Edna Wack Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jack and Melva (Wittman) Brenner

Jack and Norma Hand Advised Fund

Jack and Norma Hand Scholarship Fund

Jack Bieker Fund

Jacque and Linda Huber Fund

Jacque and Linda Huber Scholarship Fund

James A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund

James E. Paulus Memorial Scholarship Fund

James I. Scott, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

James K and Susan A. Fitton Advised Fund

Jane E. Howe Memorial Scholarship Fund

Janet and Gene Eggleston Scholarship Fund

Jarad Stormer Memorial Scholarship

Jean and William Wolf Scholarship

Jeanne Gross Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jeanne S. and Don J. Meeks Memorial Scholarship Fund

JEE Foods

Jeff and Mary Leibforth Family Fund

Jeffrey Michael Chambers Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jerry E. and Marlene Lee Moore Fund

Jessie and Bessie Richter Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jim and Charlene Smith Memorial Scholarship

Jim and Mary Jane Becker Nature Fund

Joe and Lois Koefler Fund

Joe and Susan Belew Advised Fund

Joel and Marilyn Schmidt Advised Fund

John A. and Corrinne H. Hock Fund

John A. Shafer Nursing Memorial Scholarship Fund

John and Clara Wallace Memorial Scholarship

John and Jane Benninghofen Fund

John and Lori Rehm Fund

John E. MacGregor Memorial Scholarship Fund

John Eaton Scholarship Fund

John Eaton/First Baptist Church Fund

John F. Holcomb Memorial Scholarship Fund

John K. Wilson Fund

John O. and Zerelda Fry Memorial Scholarship Fund

John W. Eaton Memorial Fund

Jon Follmer Memorial Fund

Joseph & Marguerite Hartford Memorial Scholarship Fund

Joseph & Sarah Marcum Unrestricted Fund

Joseph B. Gogolach Memorial Fund

Joseph C. Abbott Memorial Scholarship Fund

Joseph John Auraden Trust Fund

Joseph L. and Sarah Marcum Fund

Josephine A. Osso Education Fund

Josephine A. Osso Scholarship Fund

Jr. Achievement of Butler County Endowment Fund

Judge David Niehaus Memorial Fund

Judge John and Shirley K. Moser Legacy Fund

Judge John and Shirley K. Moser Scholarship Fund

Julie S. and Thomas B. Rentschler, Jr. Fund

July 4th Celebration Fund

Justin Matthew Asher Memorial Scholarship

Karen P. Whalen Lane-Hooven House Fund

Karen Persson Whalen Fund

Katherine Rumph Scholarship Fund

Kathleen L. Klink Advised Fund

Kenneth Getz Memorial Fund

Kenneth H. and Phyllis R. Snyder Fund

Kirsch Family Fund

Kruger Family Scholarship Fund

Kwasi Sherman Memorial Scholarship Fund

L.P. Clawson Fund

Laird Animal Care Fund

Laird Designated Fund

Laird Unrestricted Fund

Lamont Jacobs Orthodontics Scholarship

Lane Public Library Fund

Lane-Hooven House Perpetual Maintenance Fund

LaNelle Grosvenor Memorial Fund

LaNelle Grosvenor Scholarship Fund

Lawrence and Adela Wheeler Fund

Lazard Kahn Renovation Fund

Leadership Hamilton 26 Bike Rack Project

Leadership Hamilton Class 25 Fund

Leadership Hamilton Class 28 Project

Leadership Hamilton Scholarship 21 Fund

Leland D. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lentil Park Maintenance Fund

Lewis Family Fund

LifeSpan Endowment Fund

Lillian Millikin Fund

Linda Martin Schnipper Memorial Fund

Lindenwald-Hamilton Kiwanis Club Scholarship Fund

Little Chicago Jazz Society Fund

Local 20 Firefighter Memorial Fund

Lorene and Richard F. Goos Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lou & Sherry Armstead Advised Fund

Louise J. Lang Educational Fund

Louise J. Lang Fund For Indigent Needs

Louise J. Lang Memorial Scholarship Fund

Louise Lang Memorial Fund

Love Loads Fund

Lucille and Andrew Kornylak Memorial Fund

Lynn Davidson Waves of Hope Fund

Madge Shaper Schaeuble Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mallory K. Naab Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

Marcum Park Building Fund

Margaret and Earl Conrad Memoiral Scholarship Fund

Margaret and Earl Conrad Riverview Elementary Enrichment Fund

Margaret G. and Albert C. Fiehrer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marge Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marie Harrison Endowment Fund

Marie Iutzi Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marion and Betty Edwards Scholarship Fund

Marion Fitton Fund

Mark and Anne Lunt Charitable Giving Fund

Mark L. and Kathy A. Sanders Fund

Marvin McCollum Scholarship Fund

Mary Colligan Fund

Mary E. Mathews Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mary J Reimer Community Development Fund

Mary J. Reimer Memorial Scholarship

Mary Lou Hyatt Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mary Wys Fund

Matandy Steel & Metal Products Scholarship Fund

Matthew 19:14 Catholic Education Fund

Maureen L. Fritsch Cancer Assistance Fund

Maureen Mayer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Maurice W. Ittel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Meghan Marie and Molly Eileen Ryan Fund

Melinda Thoms Unklesbay Memorial Fund

Melissa Sprague Memorial Scholarship Fund

Melvin J. and Mary Helen Hauser Memorial Fund

Memorial Tree Program Fund

Mercy Hospital Fund

Metropolitan Women's Club Scholarship Fund

Miami Conservancy Dist. Bikeway Ammenities Fund

Miami University-Hamilton Campus Scholarship Fund

Michael J. Colligan Fund

Michael J. Colligan Lodge at Veteran's Park Endowment Fund

Mildred Hackley Fund

Mildred M. and George Seltzer Fund

Mildred P. and Peter R. Rentschler Memorial Scholarship Fund

Milton and Rosa Flowers Scholarship Fund

MISA Metals, Inc. Scholarship Fund

Morgenstern Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Reichel and Miss Thelma Reichel Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Connelly Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. W. Otis Briggs, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Nancy & Frank Wiley Community Development Fund

Nancy and John A. Smittle Memorial Scholarship Fund

Nancy L. Sanders Memorial Scholarship Fund

Nate Sherman Open Door Pantry Fund

Nathan and Helen and Leo and Rose Leshner Memorial Scholarship

Nathaniel and Marva Doris Sherman Scholarship Fund

Nathaniel Lampley, Jr. Scholarship Fund

National Philanthropy Day Fund

Ned and Elizabeth Hitchcock Memorial Scholarship Fund

Nellie M. and Ralph A. Sauer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Next Generation Fund

NHS Rescue Fund

Nicola J. and Nanci J. Lanni Fund

North End Citizens for Community Action

One Way Farm Children's Home Endowment Fund

Operation Pumpkin Fund

Palace Film Project Fund

Parachute Endowment Fund

Parks & Recreation Master Fund

Parrish Family Fund

Parrish Family Scholarship Fund

Partners in Prime Master Fund

Pat and Debbie Pawling Scholarship Fund

Pat Bucheit Memorial Scholarship Fund

Pat Pendergest Memorial Scholarship Fund

Patricia A. Wilks Memorial Scholarship Fund

Patricia Parrish Everhart Excellence in Education Fund

Patty Cisle Fund

Paul "Nick" Lauer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Paul and Emily Zoller Fund

Paul and Mary Armstead Fund

Paul and Mary Armstead/Trinity Episcopal Church Fund

Paul and Mary Trokhan Memorial Fund

Paul Benninghofen Fund

Paul Ritzi, Sr. Memorial Music Scholarship Fund

Paul W. and Ella D. Hugus Capital University Fund

Paul W. Brown Memorial Reward Fund

Pauline E. Antenen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Peters Family Scholarship

Pfirman Family Fund

Phillip and Karen Pflaumer Fund

Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund

Priscilla Keely Memorial Fund

Priscilla Keely Orthodontic Fund

Public Health League Nursing Fund

Pyramind Hill Sculpture Park Endowment Fund

Ralph E. Pagano Memorial Scholarship Fund

Reimer, Reimer & Bonar Fund

Renee Boehm Foundation Fund

Richard C. and Mary C. Law Scholarship Fund

Richard F. Cahill Memorial Fund

Richard J. Fitton Advised Fund

Richard N. King Memorial Scholarship

Richard P. Burkhardt M.D. Scholarship

Richard Willis M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Richter Fritsch Charity Fund

Rita and Walter Pond Fund

River Days Fund

RiversEdge Concert Series Fund

Robert C. and Cora J. Fiehrer Fund

Robert C. Rathgens Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert D. Ponder Fund

Robert E. & Gail Ireland Unrestricted Fund

Robert E. and Shirley A. Hill Fund

Robert J. and Mary E. Cleaver Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert L. and Nancy Sohngen Cottrell Advised Fund

Robert L. and Nancy Sohngen Cottrell Miami University Fund

Robert L. and Nancy Sohngen Cottrell Presbyterian Church Fund

Robert Lee and Ruby (Winkler) Singleton Memorial Scholarship

Robert M. Sohngen Fund

Robert P. Pabst Fund

Robert R. Lippert Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert Schlenk Fund

Rock the Block at Bailey Square

Rose Ann Post Memorial Scholarship

Ross Schools Activity Complex Fund

Ross Township Police Activity fund

Rotary Club of Hamilton Scholarship Fund

Rotary Park Fund

Roy Pryor and Grayce Willis Pryor Memorial Fund

Rudy F. Oaklets Memorial Scholarship Fund

Russell and Dee Burkhardt Scholarship Fund

Ruth Alice and Walter Thomas Limerick Scholarship Fund

Ruth W. Garrett Memorial Fund

Sam F. Spoerl, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sanders Family Advised Fund

Sanford Eaffy Memorial Fund

Sara Procter Carruthers Fund

Sarah Marcum Shuffield Fund

Schwarm Endowment for the Arts

Scott and Adeline Zoller Fund

SD Berry Family Fund

Sean VanDyne Memorial Scholarship Fund

SELF Advised Fund

SELF Endowment Fund

Sherry L. Corbett Memorial Fountain Fund

Shiri B. Frank Memorial Fund

Shirley M. and Harold N. Leppert Memorial Scholarship Fund

Slocum Family Fund

St. Vincent dePaul Society Fund

Stanton & Dorothy Fitzgerald Fund

Stephen L. Mathews Memorial Scholarship Fund

Stephen S. and Gertrude M. Marcum Fund

Stephen T. Badin High School Endowment Fund

Stephenson Family Fund

Stewart Jones Memorial Religious Music Week Scholarship

Stuart Fitton Family Fund

Suella K. Hoerner and Lt. Jg. John J. Hoerner, USNR Fund

Susan C. Thum Memorial Scholarship Fund

Susan Cisle and Mark R. Goodman Advised Fund

Susan Kezur Memorial Fund

Susan Rentschler Witter Memorial Fund for Fordon S. and Mary Coolidge Atkins Gordon S. and Mary Coolidge Atkins Rentschler

Susan W. Maus Memorial Scholarship Fund

T.Edward and Hannah Knapp Fund

Talent Attraction Program Scholarship

The Helen and Bob Hopkins Memorial Scholarship Fund

The W. Phalti and Ruth A. Lawrence Memorial Fund

Thelma Clark and Jennie Ekstein Memorial Scholarship Fund

Thelma W. DeLaCroix Fund

Thomas and Sara J. Davidson Family Fund

Thomas Reist Memorial Tennis Scholarship Fund

Three Valley Conservation Trust Endowment Fund

ThyssenKrupp Bilstein B2GB Fund

Todd and Karen Haacke Donor Advised Fund

Transitional Living, Inc. and Affiliates Permanent Fund

Travis Fitton Kinch Memorial Fund

Trustees Golden Opportunity Fund

TV Hamilton Fund

University of Cincinnati Law School Fund

US Bank Fund

US Bank/Fillmore School Scholarship Fund

Valeta Z. Welborn Memorial Scholarship Fund

Vincent and Joyce Davin Scholarship Fund

Virgil and Myrna Schwarm Memorial Fund

W. Steve and Linda Timmer Family Fund

Walter and Marion Boyd Havighurst Memorial Scholarship Fund

Walter B. Blair Scholarship Fund

Walton and Elaine Wuebbold Fund

We Are Hamilton

Welcome Center Maintenance Fund

Wenger Fund

Whalen Family Fund

William and Ann Coombs Fund

William and Mary Frechtling Fund

William C. Wilks Advised Fund

William C. Wilks Carriage House Fund

William E. and June Steed Fund

William Huber Memorial Fund

William L. and Linda M. Hartford Scholarship Fund

William L. Mathews Memorial Scholarship Fund

William Murstein Fund

William Sippel/Evening Optimist Club of Hamilton, Inc. Fund

Wilma Davidson Memorial Fund

Wilson E., Carolyn J. and Rand L. Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund

Window of Opportunity Fund

Women's Fund

Yeakle Family Fund for the Stars and Stripes

Young Life Fund

Youth Philanthropy Grant Making Fund

Youth Philanthropy Operating Fund

YWCA Hugus Endowment Fund