Olive and Herbert Randall

Since awarding the first Olive & Herbert Randall Scholarship in 1954, the Hamilton Community Foundation has given more than $13 million in scholarships to more than 3,000 area students.

 Today, the Hamilton Community Foundation manages a large and exciting scholarship program for:

      (1) Graduating high school seniors attending high schools in the greater Hamilton, Ohio area

             High schools eligible:  Stephen T. Badin, Edgewood, Fairfield, Hamilton, New Miami  Ross, Talawanda and Lakota

             Home educated students from these high school districts are also eligible for one scholarship

      (2) Full-time students already attending college that attended Hamilton area high schools

      (3) Adults returning to college who are residents of Hamilton, Ohio.

      (4) Talent Attraction Program Scholarships for college graduates.

Thank you to the generous support of the many donors who care deeply about education and the students in our community.  

Scholarships for Adults Returning to College

Applications for adults returning to undergraduate school will be accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated quarterly. 

To begin the process, first you must set up your account.

Click here to "Sign up" for your student application

Once you have completed and submitted your application, you do not have to do anything else.  The system will automatically match you to the scholarships for which you qualify.

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Braswell at the Foundation office 863-1717 or email

The Hamilton Community Foundation is pleased to be able to provide scholarships for adults returning to college. An adult (non-traditional) student is defined as someone at least 25 years of age returning to pursue an undergraduate post-secondary degree.  If you are pursuing a law degree or going to medical school, please apply through the "Current College" page on our website.

To be eligible, you must:
   – be a resident of the city of Hamilton in Butler County, Ohio (Unless noted in description offered to Butler County residents)
   – attend an accredited technical school, college or university as a full time or part time student
   – demonstrate financial need
   – not be reimbursed for your education by your employer