A New Medical Transit Program

January 26, 2024
Fleet Transportation picks up client
Community First Fleet Picking up a Client at Kettering Hamilton

Local Foundations Unite to Launch Lifesaving Medical Transport Program

Access to medical care is a fundamental need, yet for many, reaching a healthcare facility remains a daunting challenge. Addressing this critical issue, the Fort Hamilton Hospital Foundation, in collaboration with the Hamilton Community Foundation, is proud to announce the launch of an innovative Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program at Kettering Health Hamilton. This initiative underscores a community-driven response to healthcare accessibility, significantly improving patient outcomes through enhanced mobility.


In its inaugural quarter, the program has remarkably provided over 280 essential rides to patients requiring frequent medical care, evidencing its immediate impact. Aimed at supporting outpatient cancer care, and Wound Center patients, the program specifically targets those requiring multiple weekly visits, encompassing approximately 300 patients per week.


Sonja Kranbuhl, Director of the Fort Hamilton Hospital Foundation, highlights the critical nature of this initiative: "Reliable transportation is not just a convenience; it's a lifeline. Missed appointments can drastically reduce the likelihood of recovery and increase risks of severe complications. This program directly confronts these challenges, ensuring that transportation barriers do not impede critical care."


Adding a personal dimension, Michelle, a patient benefiting from the program, shared her experience: “I am always on time and couldn’t have made it without them since I can't drive right now.” She praised the compassion and attentiveness of the drivers, saying, “They are great!”


The program leverages the expertise of "The Fleet" at Community First Solutions, who provides transportation services to support older adults in the greater Hamilton area. This collaboration not only fosters local partnerships but also ensures that the provided services are tailored to the specific needs of Hamilton's residents.


John Guidugli, President and CEO of the Hamilton Community Foundation, expresses his enthusiasm for the community-centric approach: "It's heartening to see Community First Solutions, a pillar in Hamilton’s nonprofit sector, join forces in this vital service. This collaboration between non-profits exemplifies our community’s commitment to nurturing a healthier, more accessible community."


Funded by a generous $50,000 grant from the Hamilton Community Foundation, spread over three years, the program embodies the spirit of community and philanthropy. Patients are meticulously screened by healthcare providers at Kettering Health Hamilton, considering their medical requirements, their individual situation and access to other transportation services.


Adding to the program's accolades, Cynthia Benge LPN, and Hyperbaric Safety Director at Kettering Health Hamilton, shares her heartfelt appreciation: “The Fleet transportation offered through this program has been an absolute blessing. It's a relief for our patients, especially those who can't drive due to their wounds or would struggle with the additional financial stress for transport. Seeing the immediate relief and gratitude on our patients' faces when they learn they have a reliable way to reach The Center for Wound Healing is truly special.”


This partnership between the Hamilton Community Foundation and the Fort Hamilton Hospital Foundation is more than a program; it's a testament to our shared dedication to breaking down barriers in healthcare. Together, we are not just providing rides; we are ensuring that every community member has the opportunity to access life-saving medical care.  In 2024, the program’s goal is to expand offerings to include Cardiac Rehab and Outpatient Physical Therapy.