The Hamilton Community Foundation - A Great Idea from 65 Years Ago

November 10, 2016

In the early 1950s, Hamilton’s mayor was William Beckett, city residents enjoyed several glorious parades a year and movies were shown at five theaters in town. After graduating from Hamilton High, Hamilton Catholic or Notre Dame, young people went off to college or worked at any number of large industries in town.

On Christmas Eve, 1951, a group of friends gathered to sign the Incorporation papers to begin the Hamilton Community Foundation. Signing those papers were seven community leaders: W. Otis Briggs, Jr., Cyrus J. Fitton, William Murstein, Huntington V. Parrish, Frederick A. Reister, Robert M. Sohngen and William J. Wolf.

This year we are celebrating 65 years of giving, granting and making an impact in greater Hamilton and beyond, all from one great idea from seven community leaders.