The Hamilton Mill Fund

May 30, 2016

Hamilton Mill Director Chris Lawson sees a link between The Mill and the Community Foundation, noting that local heads of thriving industries helped contribute to the Foundation’s success at its inception.  More than sixty years later, The Mill’s long term focus is to again strengthen the local manufacturing and industrial base, and therefore the wider community. It was a natural step for The Mill to establish a fund at the Hamilton Community Foundation. 

The Mill is actually the former BizTech Center.  Its name was changed in tribute to Hamilton’s strong industrial and manufacturing past, says Mill Operations Director Antony Seppi.

The business incubator’s mission is all about supporting positive economic impact in the community by assisting entrepreneurs who are launching high growth start-up businesses. The Mill has received several awards in recognition of its innovation and public/private partnership. 

Lawson believes that Hamilton’s “core attributes” are renewable energy, clean technology and advanced manufacturing, pointing out that our community already has long held, built-in expertise in manufacturing. Nurturing entrepreneurs and what Lawson calls the “next gen” industrialist is key.