Welcome Tracy Eads

June 19, 2024
Tracy Eads

Welcome Our New Community Investment Officer, Tracy Eads!

The foundation’s team is growing again! We are super happy to introduce our new Community Investment Officer, Tracy Eads. As she is kindhearted and passionate about helping others, we were delighted to bring her on.


Tracy will be the lead on non-profit grants for our foundation. In her role, she will create strong relationships with non-profit groups within the community, fostering partnerships and understanding their needs.


We sat down with her to gain insight into her background, aspirations, and what she wants to contribute to the Foundation.

Get to Know Tracy

Tracy is a Cincinnati native who has deep roots in the city. She attended the University of Cincinnati, where she earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Environmental Geology. Tracy's passion for the environment and the earth's geological processes, and her love for helping others, led her to pursue a career focused on the environment.


After completing her studies, Tracy investigated hazardous waste sites to determine their impact on human health and the environment and later became a geology instructor at Miami University, where she shared her knowledge and love for the subject with her students. Her expertise in the field allowed her to engage her students in an interactive and informative way, making geology come alive in the classroom.


Later, Tracy moved to Ross where her four children grew up and went to school. Call it destiny, Tracy and her family have long had a connection to the Foundation because not only did her children receive scholarships, but she would also go on to become a successful grant applicant. At the time, Tracy was the choir booster president at Ross High School, where she sat on the other side of the table, applying for choir program grants. She loves supporting the community in Ross any way she can.

How did Tracy get involved with the Hamilton Foundation?

Tracy's involvement with the Hamilton Foundation began when she became the choir booster president, where she applied for grants to support choir program needs. Tracy's efforts were successful, as she and her team started receiving grants from both Hamilton and Ross Community Foundations. Motivated by her desire to further assist students, Tracy met with our very own, Jacob Stone-Welch.


During their meeting, Jacob mentioned a job opening within the Hamilton Foundation. This piqued Tracy's interest, and she took the leap of faith to apply for the position. To her delight, she was offered the job.


Tracy's transition from applying for non-profit grants to being a part of the foundation brought a new perspective. She is now excited to be a direct part of helping give back, as she helps process grant applications and awards to deserving applicants.


Through her role as a Community Investment Officer, Tracy hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the struggles and challenges that our nonprofits face. Her involvement with the Foundation will allow her to positively impact the lives of people in our community.


What Are You Most Excited About Coming into this Role?

Tracy recalled to us that coming into this position, there were certainly some surprises along the way.


One of the most pleasant surprises was the strong sense of community that she encountered. Being housed in a historic building, located in a historic part of town, has played a significant role in fostering this sense of community.


Interacting with the residents, she quickly realized that the Foundation has been an integral part of their lives for a long time. They have seen its impact firsthand and have a deep connection to its history. It was inspiring to witness their unwavering support and enthusiasm for the Foundation's mission.


Moreover, being surrounded by history daily makes her feel like she is part of something significant. The weight of the Foundation's past accomplishments and the responsibility to continue its legacy are both humbling and motivating.

What do you hope to accomplish in your time with the Community Foundation?

Tracy's goal is to bring about positive change and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. She plans to identify and understand the pressing needs of the community.


She will work towards increasing the foundation's capacity in terms of both time and financial resources. By enhancing the efficiency of the operations, she believes that we can expand our reach and visibility, especially in Fairfield and Ross. This will provide greater assistance to deserving individuals and organizations.


Tracy plans to build strong relationships with our local nonprofit organizations, deeply understanding the impactful work they do, and reinforcing the ability of our Foundation to speak authentically about our communities most pressing needs.


We are so excited to see the legacy she will leave during her time with the community foundation!