Create a Fund

Through the Hamilton Community Foundation you may establish a variety of funds for individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations.  Choose the fund that best accomplishes your goals for giving.

Opening and maintaining a charitable fund is simple. Start with a gift of $5,000 or more in cash, stock, or retirement assets, ($10,000 for a scholarship fund) and experience the community impact, ease, and tax advantage that a fund provides.

We invite you to explore the different types of funds listed below.

Unrestricted Funds

An Unrestricted Fund allows the community foundation to meet the community’s greatest needs, no matter how they change over time.

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Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund provides flexible giving for those who want to be actively involved with their charitable giving.  

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Scholarship Funds

By establishing a scholarship fund, you are investing in education for students ranging from preschool to adult awards. You may be interested in supporting students in a particular field of study, high school, university or from a geographic area.

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Designated Funds

Establishing a designated fund allows you to name one or more nonprofits you wish to permanently support. As an endowed fund, it is an effective way to perpetually give to an organization that matters to you.  

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Field of Interest Funds

A field of interest fund allows you to support a general area of interest, such as a specific population, cause area or geographic community in perpetuity.

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Corporate Fund

Corporate Advised Funds are convenient, flexible tools for businesses or employee groups that want to be personally involved in suggesting grant awards from their Fund.

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