What is your Why? 

Giving to a cause you care about is so important when it comes to sharing your treasure. Whether looking to spark real change, tackle some of the world's biggest issues or simply support community programs and services, discovering the how, why and to whom you want to give is the first step. However, deciding how you give, how much to give, and where to donate can be overwhelming with so many options available. 

Crafting a strategic giving plan enables you to make deliberate choices about where and how to donate your time or resources. It also provides peace of mind, freeing you from guilt when declining other giving opportunities. This booklet is designed to guide you in establishing that plan. 

While personal passions and convictions guide our giving decisions, it's crucial to remember we're not often making these choices in isolation. Everyone in your family might have their unique charitable priorities. Engaging in conversations about each others giving priorities can be a bridge to understanding and building consensus. It not only strengthens our bonds but also ensures that the impact you make as a unit resonates with everyone's heart and vision. 

We have created a guide to help you with creating your giving plan.  This is one tool to help us begin the conversation with you to meet your charitable goals.

Creating your giving plan

Give the Gift of Philanthropy

An investment in the Hamilton Community Foundation is an investment in your community.

Here are some ways you can support your local community:

1. Employer Matching Programs - Many companies offer a company match for employee donations, in some cases up to two or three times the amount of the gift. Take advantage of this opportunity by making your donation before December 31.

2. Your year end gift will generate tax deductions on your 2023 taxes.

3. Your gift to the Hamilton Community Foundation is like giving a present to the community. Your dollars stay local and are used for programs, services and scholarships right here at home.

5. The Hamilton Community Foundation makes giving easy.

    a. Make a cash donation online or by mail to Hamilton Community Foundation, 319 N Third Street,       Hamilton, OH 45011

    b. Make a gift of stock

    c. Make an IRA gift or Qualified Charitable Distribution

    d. Open a Fund at the Foundation

For more information about how to give or how to start a fund, call Katie Braswell at 513-805-0220 or email [email protected] 


Marcum Park is making a difference in our community.
Marcum Park is making a difference in our community.

Helping you make an impact

Every year, the Hamilton Community Foundation helps thousands of donors fulfill their philanthropic dreams. Whether you want to support nonprofit organizations making a real difference in daily lives in our community, or make charitable contributions anywhere in the United States or internationally, we are here to help.

As a vibrant and connected community leader, the Hamilton Community Foundation is ready to help transform your passion for giving into greater impact!  For more information and to learn how integrate your giving choices with your financial planning, contact us at 513.863.1717 or email Katie Braswell