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Foundation Impact - A Drive Around Town 

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downtown hamilton

Consider those coming into our city for the first time and exploring -- the Foundation's impact can be seen throughout the community.

Those entering the city on westbound Route 129 are welcomed by the large Hamilton sign and the substantial landscaping, a gift the Foundation made to the community when it celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Travelers crossing route 4 into the City experience improved aesthetics and smoother traffic flow, thanks to our City’s new East High corridor.  This City of Hamilton project was started after a study funded by a Foundation donor identified the need and a solution to the look and functionality of City’s main entrance. 

In Hamilton’s downtown business district, there is more evidence of the Foundation’s impactful projects:

  • The Mercantile Lofts
  • Artspace
  • Butler Tech School of the Arts
  • Miami University Center for Civic Engagement
  • Historic gazebo on the Courthouse lawn
  • Former Elder Beerman building at 150 High Street

On the left, visitors see:

  • Hamilton Visitors Center
  • Soldiers, Sailors and Pioneers Monument
  • Restoration of the Historic Log Cabin
  • The Fitton Center for Creative Arts

On the right, visitors see:

  • Lentil Park
  • The Courtyard by Marriott
  • The Bikeway extension
  • RiversEdge Amphitheater
  • The future Marcum Park
  • The Hamilton Mill

Partners in Prime Center and Armstead Park are just across the bridge.  A little further north you will find Fort Hamilton Hospital, Hamilton High School, West Side Little League and Jim Grimm Park – these have all benefited from the Hamilton Community Foundation’s strategic planning and resources.

However, the initiatives that cannot be easily seen may actually make the most impact on Hamilton residents:

  • The student who succeeds in high school and continues on to college because of the Foundation’s YES program.
  • The young person who gets a solid educational beginning because of our Start Ready program.
  • The family receiving emergency assistance because of the Foundation’s support of the Open Door Food Pantry or the Emergency Money Fund.
  • Someone experiencing art for the first time because of our support for the Fitton Center and Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park.
  • The many people who enjoy a concert because of our support for the Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Orchestra and for the RiversEdge Concert Series.
  • A young person realizing her dream of attending college because of a Foundation scholarship.

The Foundation makes these impactful experiences possible due to the generosity of donors, the leadership of the Board, the hard work of our staff and volunteers and spirit of our community.

Keely Orthodontic Fund Leaves Lasting Legacy of Smiles

Alyssa Singleton
Alyssa Singleton

Three years ago, Alyssa Singleton was referred to the Keely Orthodontic Program by Dr. Lamont B. Jacobs. Alyssa’s mother was raising two girls alone was laid off from her job after 33 years. Funding braces was far from possible for the family.

Alyssa was referred to the program by Dr. Jacobs, and after a review process, was admitted into the program. This year Alyssa finished orthodontic treatment with Dr. Jacobs. “I can now go on with great confidence and a smile!” said Alyssa. “I am beyond grateful to you. You have changed my life forever.”

One of the most early, active funds of the Foundation, The Keely Orthodontic Fund helps families pay for their children’s braces. Established in 1958 by Priscilla Keely with a gift of Ohio Casualty Insurance Company stock, the fund is a memorial to her father, Dr. Charles Keely, and grandfather, Dr. George Keely, both long-time practicing dentists in the area.